The impact of a digital workplace on employee engagement (Infographic)

In the early digital transformation era, business solutions were mostly associated with management, productivity or performance.
Afterwards, companies quickly realized that these tools cannot succeed without the commitment and well-being of employees. Hence, they recognised there is a  need to integrate this dimension into their transformation processes.
The impact of a digital workplace on employee engagement
This puts more pressure on companies to provide tools that are agile and tailored to the needs of their employees.
According to Gallup, 51% of employees are not engaged. So, making all your employees want to work and collaborate with you should be a huge goal, if not a top priority. This can be achievable through leveraging the right tools for them to be more productive, to get the job done and hopefully to choose to stay at your company.
The Complete
Guide to
Employee Engagement
There are many definitions for the concept of employee engagement out there.
While technology itself cannot solely solve the problem of how to better engage with your employees and get the best outcomes, it nevertheless can help in significant ways.
Information sharing, innovation, creative collaboration, open interaction and flexibility: the role of technology in employee engagement is essentially limitless and will likely continue to evolve and expand.
So, how can technology help inspire and motivate your employees?  And how can a digital workplace improve and enhance your employee engagement?
We worked on an infographic that dives deeper into this. Have a look at it. Also, don’t hesitate to share with us what you’re currently doing to create a strong sense of connection between your employees and their work, especially what has worked for you so far and what has not.


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Employee recognition tools
Integrated within your Digital Workplace

You will find here Frequently Asked Questions about digital workplace with all the answers in one place.

A digital workplace is a next generation of intranet solutions or intranet 2.0 that is based on three pillars: communication, collaboration and information. In a way this definition is true but it doesn’t cover the whole spectrum of the term. Here are some definitions of digital workplace:

  • An evolution of the intranet
  • A user centric digital experience

See the full definition of digital workplace

It’s the willingness of an employee to help his company progress. It is a positive behavior, which manifests itself by a strong involvement in his work and by a great motivation. This allows the company to evolve both in terms of its activity and on a human level.


See the full definition of employee engagement

  1. Ensure a strong corporate culture
  2. Ensure good relationship with management
  3. Foster good relationships between the colleagues
  4. Think about employee recognition
  5. Express meaning for work in your organization
  6. Make well-being and work/life balance your priority
  7. Allow more flexibility and autonomy
  8. Invest in skills development and training

Find out how to improve employee engagement in the workplace

  1. Understand users’ needs
  2. Identify your digital workplace ambassadors
  3. Build the digital workplace brand
  4. Training and onboarding
  5. Plan the big day

Find out how to create a digital workplace

The digital workplace is the virtual, digital equivalent of the physical workplace. It is a holistic user-centered solution used to connect, engage, and empower employees. Through an employee-centered hub, it encompasses a set of tools, applications, and platforms for a complete work experience.


Find out some definitions of the digital workplace

  • Analytical skills and approach
  • Focus on employees
  • Communication and strategic vision

The success of a digital workplace project depends on a number of factors

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